About our company

J-S All Things Plumbing was conceived well over 40 years ago. The J-S in our name is the combined last names of the company owners, Bob Sparr and Connie Jones-Sparr. J-S officially became reality in 2010 when the current Operations Manager and Lead Plumber formed the new company. Working out of Honey Brook, Pennsylvania for the last 4 years, J-S covers all of Chester County and surrounding areas with first class, conscientious, and timely service.


We service any pipes carrying water or gas. We specialize in water heaters, sump pumps, leaks, gas, clogs, and much more. We've worked on commercial projects from Pep Boys and Rita's Water Ice, to residential projects for the people that make up the great network of support for small businesses.

Starting with only two employees, J-S now has seven employees and looks forward to hiring more and continuing to grow, including a long future as a productive partner in and for the community

--Bob Sparr (Operations Manager)